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Still more to come….

Yet again we have been blessed with another lovely week in Central Otago! I’ve been hearing some rumors of rain this weekend though however so it may not last….

No polytech this week and only 2 days at work this week, got the day off today!

Te first day was all nectarines…… for the most part…. again boxed up August Fire for export market and towards the end of the day we did a small pallet of some new peaches we haven’t done before (for local market I think)… Black Boy Peaches (above second) they are a dark purple colour and the flesh on the inside is exactly the same colour too! I thought they were very interesting… apparently the are good boiled and on cereal etc, not so much for eating!

The second day was sent finishing off the last of August Fire nectarines in the cool shed in the morning followed by apples for the rest of the day and a small amount of Bon Bon Nectarines in the last hour of the day…. no doubt there will be more Apples and Nectarines to do next week! Until then….

“Poo the Moo” as Dave would say…

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More where that came from……

We had another lovely week here in Central again with heaps more fine weather, the nights are now getting a lot colder though and I’ve even been woken up once or twice to surrounding Vineyards doing some Frost Fighting!

To start off the week we had the second half of Plant Biology…. with Rog! and Plant Biology is not as simple as you think! Gonna have to do some catch up from last weeks sessions too for the assignment…. yaaayyyy….

As for work this week, we boxed up some more August Fire Nectarines and Bon Bon nectarines into the big 12kg export boxes (above), We also bagged up and crated a LOT of Royal Gala apples and a few other varieties. We have been told there also a LOT more apples on the way so I’d say we would be safe to say we will be working with apples for quite some time yet!

For the last day at work Andy and I were set out deep into the Orchard to pick the last lots of the Nectarines, we only had about 6 or 7 rows to do but it took a little longer than you would think, Tanya came in on the platformed rig to pick the top parts of the trees where we couldnt pick from the ground… Tayna and Lindsay helped us clear out the last row once the packhouse had shut up shop just in time to go home for the long weekend!

Sounds like there is no Polytech next week so I’ll be just work experience again so until then….. laters!

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A Busy Week…. Only A Lot…

Soooo…… We had another stinking hot week this week, I honestly think this hot weather is driving me insane! But seriously… thankful I was not out picking! The Boss at work urgently required Andy and I to work the full week this week so we had to miss out on polytech this week…. So this post will be about work experience at work for the week…..

So for the first day, Andy and I were loading the bins full of Apricots onto the grader for the day, whilst Andy prepared the new bins I had to sift through the fruit as it came onto the belt and pick out all the bad and perished fruit…. some of it was a bit messy!

As you can see above, there is a bucket and a green crate I had to put certain fruits into (Andy as well when we didn’t need to off load a new bin). The buckets got all the perished and squishy/squished fruit to be taken out to the compost, the fruit in the green crates are called ‘Seconds’ and are used to make jams and jellies! I was only required to help out here whilst we were off loading Apricots as these fruit tend to be the messiest…. Andy spent the rest of the week off loading bins on to the grader… as for me…..

Back to packing…. In the above image we are boxing up Export Peaches called Golden Tatura and Glowing Star. We also boxed up Export Nectarines (Bon Bon) and a few local market and shop Apricots which were  called August Fire and Nevis….

We also spent a few hours on one day outside on a different grader…. done by hand! We hand graded and packed 2 varieties of plums, one was Black Doris and I dont remember the other off the top of my head……

But that was about all that happened at work this week… back to poly next week with the other half of Plant Biology as we missed out on the first half this week……. I still remember a fair bit from Plant Biology from Level 4 Hort last year so shouldn’t have too much to catch up on! Hopefully…..

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A Short Week…..


The weather is still holding up this week so its still been stinking hot!

Not much happened this week, no work this time… not enough work to do during the day now as the season has slowed down. But… back to work at polytech this week for one day with Weed Management with Roger! So we all went for a class trip to Rog’s Vineyard to inspect some weeds around the Vineyard!  We also did a check up on Rog’s wind machine.. it still works!

Heres a few pics from Rog’s Vineyard, the grapes are starting to come along nicely!

Anyway that’s all for this week….

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Fruit Picking and more Climate and Weather…. with Rog!


We had a lovely week this week, with all the fine weather we have been having we are finally starting to get the summer we have not had this year… but it sure has been hot! Below are some of the Cirrus and Cirro Cumulus clouds that have been hanging around the last few days….

The first 2 days at Polytech we went over some more info do with with the global climate patterns and other relevant information for the Assignment…. so far done just over half, I’m finding it pretty easy of course! Next week we move on to the other half of the Weed Management topic and Assignment…. again with Rog!


I also finally found out what this cloud formation (above) was…. all along they have been Rotor Clouds! Been trying to figure out what these little buggers were called for years! And now I know how they form! An example below…


Now…. work experience…..


Andy and I were out picking Conroy Apricots for the week…. and because of this fine weather its been exhausting with the heat and little to no wind…… most days have been up around 30 degrees plus!

In the block we were working there was the occasional disease in some of the older trees, not sure what it is but I’m sure its a type of fungal rot, maybe brown rot or something? Not too sure…. The harvest season is also drawing to an end in a few more weeks so things are starting to slow right down, so we will see what next week brings….

Thats all for now.

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New Start to the Year!


To start off the new year at poly we had an induction day with a BBQ… got to meet some new students and staff and went over all the topics we will be covering during the next two terms….. first up: Weather and Climate! Just happens to be one of my favourite subjects 😀 and Rog is teaching, well, Rog and I are teaching the class haha I have been studying Weather, clouds and Climate since I was very little, I have always been fascinated with the topics and especially clouds!

Below are some photos of cool clouds and Weather I have taken over the last 8 or so years.

So the first two days of poly for the year were pretty fun in my opinion! Next week we are continuing on with Weather and Climate and of course… the assignment… but hopefully it should be pretty easy for me to do!


As for Thursday and Friday…. work experience! Over the summer (harvest season) I was able to find a job working at a local orchard, Iv’e now been working here for about a month and a half now and its been going really well! They have let me work with them part time through the year while I study and have even asked me to help run and manage the pack house next season! (later this year) So I’d be safe to say that this job is looking pretty well for me, I’m quite excited about it! 😀

Anyway… At the moment I am helping the bosses out in the packhouse and helping train u new staff. I was out picking on a Hydralada and a platformed Rig for a week or two till they needed some help in the packhouse where I have now been working for over a month.

This week we have been packing mainly apricots for local markets and a few Nectarines for export. The Thursday consisted of packing the nectarines into export boxes and green crates for the orchard shop.

The first part of the day was spent putting the smaller sizes of Nectarines into 1kg punnets for local markets and the larger fruit was boxed up into black Export boxes of about 10kg. The Export fruit is of top quality with next to no blemishes, bruising, or splits. The reason for this because when they are being shipped over the course of the week, if they have splits or cuts, the fruit can rot and infect other fruit next to it. Export fruit also expensive and must be of top quality, export buyers will pay a lot of money for top quality fruit.

Friday was spent packing Apricots into the silver local market boxes, as well as a few punnets. Local market fruit (cheaper than exports) is allowed to have some blemishes and minor bruising or splits as this fruit is usually available for people to buy within a few days so the fruit is less likely to end up rotting. The varieties of Apricots we packed today were: Clutha Gold, Clutha Fire, Moore Park and Trevatt.

Thats all for now, more Climate and Weather next week!

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